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VooDoo Server

Voodoo Subscription

VooDoo Server Main Features

VOD (Video on Demand) 95POINTS

VOODOO Server is the best and reliable IPTV server that can provide more than 3000 + with 200 Live TV HD Channels and 4000+ VOD.


  • American,
  • Canadian,
  • Arabic,
  • Spanish,
  • Polish,
  • Turkish,
  • Portuguese,
  • Tamil,
  • Greek,
  • Ukrainian,
  • French,
  • Italian Sports,
  • Adults,
  • South Asian,
  • movies on Demand (4000+ movies),
  • Radio and More ,,,



  • Android boxes,
  • Android Tablets & Smartphones Using STB Emulator and dedicated App
  • Amazon Fire TV Box, Stick and Cube using STB Emulator and dedicated App
  • MAG BOX 250 254 256 etc,
  • AVOV Media Box.
  • Dreamlink Boxes

Please Note:

  1. VooDoo Server does not support M3U list, therefore, it can not support SMART TVs.
  2. As a streaming media service using the “internet” to transfer the contents, you may experience buffering, channels down for a variable period of time, STB Emulator Crashing and restarting, losing channel list …etc. Try it for one month as a testing period.
  3. Before Payment Please make sure to mention the MAC Address of your media box and specify the type of your media streaming box.
  4. You will not be able to process the payment unless you put the above information.


  1. This is only for IPTV subscription No physical item is included.
  2. Unfortunately, we can not refund after successful purchase since we cannot sell the subscription again once it is activated for you.
  3. Try it for one month for a low price; subscribe to multiple months for further discounts (3, 6 & 12 months)
  4. One account works per one device only.
  5. All IPTV servers are managed by off-shore third-party providers, therefore, we don’t have any involvement and control over service and content.
  6. We can only add or remove accounts activation and MAC address change.
  7. No warranties, guarantees or refunds can be provided for any sold IPTV service.
  8. If you cannot accept any of the above-mentioned remarks, IPTV SILO may not be for you.


  1. High-Speed Internet – Suggest a minimum of 5Mbps but highly recommend 10Mbps.
  2. Unlimited Data Bandwidth – Strongly Recommended having this as an option.

Disclaimer: We do not own the servers. We just re-sell, manage and support subscriptions activation & assist you in connecting to their server. Owners of the server have the right to add and remove any channels they wish. If you do not agree with this then IPTV SILO isn’t for you.


MAG Boxes

  • Portal for MAG boxes:
  • Follow below steps to activate MAG Boxes.
    • ⇒ Go to setting
    • ⇒ system setting
    • ⇒ servers
    • ⇒ Portal
    • ⇒ Portal 1 URL
    • ⇒ Enter “” as URL
    • ⇒ Reboot the device.
    • ⇒ You should get the username and password screen on the TV.
    • ⇒ Enter the username and password provided to you via email and ENJOY…!!

Andrio Devices

  • Portal for any android boxes or devices:
  • Install STB emulator and follow below steps
    • ⇒ Open STB emulator
    • ⇒ Go to SSettingsof STB emulator (right side corner)
    • ⇒ Select “Profile”
    • ⇒ Change profile name to “StarTV”
    • ⇒ Go To Portal setting
    • ⇒ Portal URL
    • ⇒ Enter-
    • ⇒ Go Back
    • ⇒ Select “STB Configuration”
    • ⇒ Go to the STB Model
    • ⇒ select MAG 254
    • ⇒ Go to MAC Address
    • ⇒ Enter provided MAC address after purchase or send your STB MAC address during puchase (MUST start with 00:1A:79: )
    • ⇒ Don’t Change any other setting , reload the Profile
  • Trick : Install “Clean Memory” or “Clear Cache” application for android devices it will help you clear old caches and it will run smoothly. if VOD doesn’t work change your media player.
  • NOTE: Don’t share your MAC address and Don’t use it on two devices, if you do so, your portal will be blocked at the server.


  • Go to System > add-ons > my add-ons > PVR clients > Stalker clients > configure > portal 1
  • Enter Below URL in PORTAL 1 ,

  • Enter MAC provided to you via email after purchase
  • Don’t change any other settings
  • Go to Settings > TV > Enable to enable stalker client
  • Clear data and caches After loaded please reboot KODI and Enjoy …!!

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